Progress Group Customer Portal

Progress Group Customer Portal - Peak performance in after sales

1. Central registration of all requests

All service departments of Progress Group are accessible in one system.

2. Easy reporting via PC or smartphone

Each of your employees can create a request and track its status. Your inquiries go directly to the right contact person, and we can help as quickly as possible.

3. Overview of all requests

You and your employees have a direct overview of open inquiries. If the status of a request changes, you will be informed.  All inquiries remain visible in the history.

4. 3D spare parts catalog

With the 3D spare parts catalog, you can view assemblies in detail and order spare parts.

5. Info documents

Manuals, electrical schemes, maintenance instructions and instructions for machine settings are at your disposal.

Two steps to our customer portal

1. Register at the following link:

adminCenterYC ( 


2. For authentication to the 3D catalogue, you need one of the following apps on your smartphone:

- Microsoft Authenticator
- OTP Free


We recommend adding the Progress Group customer portal in your browser as a bookmark and as a link to the home screen of your smartphone.