Highly automated production plant

Forward-looking thinking has always been part of the corporate philosophy at Albert Regenold GmbH of Bühl-Vimbuch in Middle Baden. It's no coincidence that the concept of the double wall was jointly developed by the traditional precast concrete element manufacturer in the 1960s. With its latest decision to invest in modern technology and to erect a plant for the manufacture of double and solid walls as well as lattice girder floors in the existing hall, the company has secured itself a good starting position for the future.

An important component of the new plant is the software. The ebos® software solution extends beyond the concept of a simple master computer and accompanies all aspects of the production cycle in an integrated fashion. A series of functions supports the control and analysis of the work steps.

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For me, a well-functioning control system is the most important point in a carousel.

Frank Frey, Technical and Project Manager of Albert Regenold GmbH