Singapore relies on precast concrete elements

Highly automated precast concrete factories are changing the face of the construction industry in Singapore. The slogan is: out with time-wasting and labour-intensive traditional building methods, in with maximum prefabrication. Straits Construction Group, one of the largest construction companies in Singapore, recently commissioned a carousel system from EBAWE. Wall and floor panels, including solid slabs, 3D kitchens and bathroom modules are produced. Singapore is activly issuing numerous directives and offering incentives to move ahead with the industrialisation and automation of its construction industry. The city state sees its targets as optimising land use, increasing productivity, improving quality and creating new jobs for more highly qualified employees. In this, precast concrete elements have a special and important role to play.

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This plant is the first in Singapore to use automated robot technology.

Ryan Lim, Greyform's Assistant General Manager